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Isabella Grüssner - voice & percussion
Johanna Grüssner - voice & percussion
Ella Grüssner - voice, violin, flutes, percussion

The nominees of the prestigious Nordic Council Prize, The Daughters of the Wolf (Ulvens döttrar) continue their musical peregrinations through folk-tales from Åland ["Awe-land"] Islands with their original compositions. The three sisters have performed together since childhood with their exotic Nordic vocal sound self-accompanied by flutes, fiddle and drums. The trio received wide media acclaim as the finalists in the Tampere Vocal Music Festival in 2003, and has performed regularly since in Scandinavia and Germany.

Blue Draught is the follow-up album to the highly successful debut album, Saga. The listener gets a flight into a world of mystique, sisterhood, nature and love. This is the magic sound of three musicians, whose scenery resembles the sea, four distinct seasons and here - indeed - quite a blue draught.

En klunk av det blå - Blue Draught

Released 2010

by Ulvens döttrar - The Daughters of the Wolf


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